Stories From a Six Year Old: The Fire

IMG_20140123_145323Recently my mother uncovered a stack of stories written by a six year old me. I’ve decided to start an ongoing feature where I share these stories – complete with typos and misspellings – just so you can see not only that I’ve been telling stories for as long as I could talk, but that the stories that come out of this little head have always been a bit…off.

Today’s a double feature. The picture at the end really sells the first story. So without further ado, I present….

The Fire

Today we almost had a fire at school. I thote someone was killed in a fire. I heard that a lady saw smock. I felt scared. I saw an ambulums, firetruksandapolicar.


The Castle

I went to a castle with a grave yrard. Fredy Krouger riped my face off. I was going there because I was thirste. He blew up the castle. That was a problem I couldn’t solve.

the end

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