Indie Authors You Should Know

ImageToday marks the launch of Follow The Pull’s “Indie Authors You Should Know” feature. Every so often I’ll be showcasing a self-published or indie-press published author I admire.

Indie authors are the unsung heroes of the publishing industry, and many of them can craft worlds and stories to rival or even surpass your favorite literary superstars.

My first showcased author is Rachel Hunter, a fantasy author with an imagination and world-building skill to rival Tolkien himself.

Come check Rachel out, and meet another indie author you should know!

4 thoughts on “Indie Authors You Should Know

  1. I’ll be sure to follow this series. I’ve only started reading indie books quite recently, but most of my experiences so far have been very positive. Needless to say, I intend to read more indie authors in the future.

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  3. It’s always great to find out about great indie authors, as it’s true what you say, their work is often more original and compelling than many on the bestseller list. Thank you for the article.

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